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David Gibbs. The Haverbury Housing Partnership

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“Works to replace friction hinges to first floor windows on heavy sashes are now much more cost effective as they can be completed from inside the property without the need for a second person supporting them from platforms erected on the exterior of the building

The Sashmate has made it possible for a single person to carry out works to replace friction hinges, the sash can be fully supported with the Sashmate allowing the operative to freely release the sash from the frame bring it into the property internally using the roll bar provided, carry out repairs, place the sash back into place and secure it back to the frame, it has cut time and costs for carrying out the works.

The Sashmate has allowed us to cut costs on window repairs, it is easy to use, allows a single person to carry out works normally requiring two people and eliminated costs of erecting scaffolds to the exterior of the property, it can be used for sashes of all sizes with the knowledge that they can be handled safely eliminating risk of injury to operatives and the general public, free training and demonstration on the use of the product was provided and I would recommend it to any company who struggle to carry out these types of repairs or replacements in a safe and cost effective way.”

I would definitely recommend using the Sashmate.


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