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Jag Gill. Sandstone Glass and Glazing

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I am currently working at the Marriott hotel in Kensington, replacing all faulty hinges and sealed units. I cannot change some of the glass units as scaffolding is required but when I explained I will be using the SASHMATE which is recommended by the GGF in the Code Of Practice, they immediately told me to go ahead with replacing all 130 faulty pairs of hinges and app 60 units a contract worth over £22K.

The London general manager saw me in action using the SASHMATE, he immediately questioned what I was using and once I answered his questions, he told me to have a look at another large hotel in Maida Vale! Thankyou Daniel, you have a great product and I am very happy using it as I am managing to change approximately 10 pairs of hinges and units per day. Regards Jag.

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