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I completed a job last week on a UPVC window casement top hung 1.2m high by 1 m wide. It was on the first floor bedroom window approximate age 15 to 20 years. It looked PVC and the hinge on the left looked damaged due to the fact that a window cleaner had used it as a hand hold on the long way down to the concrete below.I thus ordered the hinges top hung 24 inches. I arrived and noticed the first problem – the hinges were riveted on. So I erected my sash mate to hold the window in place. Drilling the rivets off I grabbed the window and noticed my second problem. The window weighed a tonne. It looked PVC but in fact was steel and probably fitted with laminated double glazing glass. This job took 3 attempts and a lot of patience to achieve and without the sashmate it would of been near impossible but I managed it. I fired in a couple of securing screws one each side and secured the rest in place. It was now judgement time. I secured the sashmate and the window stayed put. Good sign. I tried the window and cycled the hinges – they worked and the window closed nice and neat. The problem was solved and I had saved my customer the cost of a new window.

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